Managing Mail Settings

How to manage mailbox aliases

  • Whether you're a superhero with a secret identity or a small business needing to look professional, aliases are a great way to send mail with multiple addresses, but still have all the replies come to the same place.

    To manage aliases on your Mweb mailbox, simply login to your account at and follow along.

  • If you’re not sure how to log in you can follow the steps in this guide.

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    Locate the Mailbox

    Locate the mailbox you wish to manage aliases for and click on the cog next to the mailbox service.

    If your mailbox is bundled with your connection you will find it under the included services for that product.

  • Aliases Q&A

    • Can someone fake my address with an alias?

    • No aliases must be unique, the same as primary email addresses.
    • Are aliases separate mailboxes?

    • No the mail is all delivered to the same primary mailbox.
    • Can my alias be on another domain?

    • No aliases must be on same domain as the primary mailbox, so if for example you have as your email address you will have to create, as your alias.
    • Can I create

    • No. Many addresses that may intentionally, or unintentionally seem misleading are reserved words and cannot be used as aliases.
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