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How to setup Outlook 365 on a Windows Computer

  • Microsoft Outlook 365 is a powerful mail client bundled with the Microsoft 365 Suite, which is a great choice for Windows and Mac users to manage their Mweb mailboxes.

    Follow the easy guide below to setup Outlook 365 on your Microsoft Windows based computer.

  • You will need to have your username and password for your mailbox ready.

    If you’re not sure how to find those you can follow this guide.

  • To get started we need to locate the Outlook Settings Screen :

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    Search For Control Panel

    Click the Search Icon on the Windows Taskbar

    Search for Control Panel and launch it.

  • Once you have located the Outlook Settings you can proceed with setting up your Mweb Mailbox:
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    Open Email Accounts

    To setup your Mweb Mailbox Open the Settings for Email Accounts.