Online Identity Protection

About Online Identity Protection Bundle

  • About Online Identity Protection

    1. DigiGuard

    • DigiGuard provides cloud-based cyberspace monitoring and protection.

    • Scanning the deep and dark web for leaks of your digital identity assets.

    • Its core features include monitoring the internet for your stolen or shared identity.

    • The following information can be monitored depending on what details you register such as:

    Your ID / Password numbers, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, physical & postal addresses, bank account details, debit & credit card numbers, crypto wallet and gamer handles.
  • Please note : The product simply alerts you to any sensitive information it discovers on the dark web.

  • 2. DigiLearn
    • DigiLearn provides cloud-based Cybersecurity awareness training, to educate yourself on online risks and dangers, and the associated preventive measures.

    • Access a comprehensive library of videos, webinars, worksheets, quizzes, tips, and case studies.

    • General cyber risks education, threat awareness & prevention, scam & phishing awareness, advanced phishing training, ransomware training, online banking & shopping security, social media & online profiles security and best practices & much more.

  • 3. DigiCare
    • If your device is hacked during a cyber-attack due to the failure of our Cybersecurity Software Product, we will offer remote assistance to repair and restore your device to a safe and fully functional state according to the terms outlined in the Digimune Warranty Certificate.

    • If we cannot repair or restore your device, we will replace it with a similar make and model as per the Digimune Warranty Certificate. Warranty exclusions can be found on our website.

    • Limits of liability under this warranty, your maximum liability is based on the product you signed up for up to R20 000 or R30 000.
    • Technical Support to Rectify and Restore your electronic device due to a cyber-attack.
    • Maximum replacement value of your affected device due to a cyber-attack.
    • Maximum contribution towards a cyber extortion event.
    • Maximum limit due a Loss of Funds event.