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How to use your Mweb online Account for your Hosting product

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  • At Mweb, we’re always trying to make our customers’ lives a little easier, which is why we’ve given you the ability to manage your account online whenever it suits you.

    As an Mweb Customer, you can do all of the following online

    • Check your Storage Space
    • Change you Product
    • Find your settings
    • Log into cPanel
    • Enable cPanel Two-Factor authentication
    • Manage your Domains
    • Manage your Domain Mailboxes
  • Check your Storage Space

    When signing up for Mweb’s Capped Hosting products, you should always be aware of your available storage space.

    Navigate to the My Products screen, scroll down to your Capped Hosting product

    The usage bar shows you how much of your storage quota has been filled.

  • Change Your Product

    At Mweb, we recognize that occasionally you may want to make modifications to your current Hosting product.

    Just follow these easy steps:

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    Find your Hosting Product

    Once you logged on to manage your products scroll down to your Capped Hosting product
    Click on the button ‘’Change product’’
  • Finding your Settings and Product Information

    Follow these steps to find your cPanel Access details, or other product settings and information
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    Open Settings

    Click on the settings icon

  • Log into cPanel

    Find the cPanel link to login and manage your hosting dashboard
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    Locate the cPanel Button

    This button will redirect you your cPanel account.

  • Enable cPanel Two-Factor Authnetication

    To protect your credentials when logging into cPanel, we recommend enabling two-factor authentication
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    Select Enable Two-Factor Authentication

    This button will redirect you your cPanel account.

  • Manage Your Domains

    You can have multiple domains associated with your hosting products and even have domains without hosting products. The guide below will show you around the Domain management screens.
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    Domains included

    This table gives you an overview of all domains associated with your Hosting product and allows you to see annual prices and renewal dates.

  • Manage your Domain Mailboxes

    When you signed up for your Capped Hosting product, you received a few free mailboxes depending on your plan you choose, The guide below will show you around the mailbox management screens and some of the things you can do.

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    Mailbox Overview

    This table provides an overview of all domain emails associated with Hosting product.

    Here you can create those Free emails, increase storage space, view settings, add aliases, delete emails, and more.