How to get notified about Network Outages

  • Occasional network outages are a fact of life, but with Mweb’s network status tools and notifications you won’t have to guess about the status of your Internet connection.

    Follow this guide to find out how to stay informed about the status of the network.

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    Push Notifications

    • Mweb’s monitoring systems will send you a notification if we have detected a network issue affecting your service.
    • If you have the Mweb Mobile App installed and setup as a trusted device you will receive a push notification even if the App is closed
    • SMS notifications are sent to customers without the Mobile App
  • Network Status and Notifications Q&A

    Below are some common questions and answers to help you understand what to expect if your service is impacted by an outage
    • What should I do if I receive an outage notification?

    • Nothing at all if possible. Our experience has taught us that a great deal of additional frustration and service disruption is caused by troubleshooting and changes being made on services that are being impacted by a common outage. If your service is down and we have notified you that we are aware of the issue, please trust that our team is following up and investigating and that the matter will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Calling in for more information about a known outage also places additional strain on our tech support resources and we encourage you to avoid this if possible.
    • How will I know when an outage is resolved?

    • All customers who are linked to an active outage will receive any further notifications sent for that outage.  A resolve notification is sent for all closed outages.  Our team will also send follow up notifications on high impact or long running outages, to keep you informed.
    • You sent me a notice that the outage was resolved, but my service is still down, what should I do?

    • Most services will restore automatically after an outage is resolved, if yours does not we recommend restarting your ONT (for a fibre service) and your router. If you attempted any troubleshooting before being notified of the fault please make sure that you have not inadvertently made a change that is preventing you from connecting (such as the username and password on your fibre router, or changes to your wifi settings) If your service still doesn’t restore after that we would suggest that you wait another hour and restart your equipment again before contacting technical support. The reason for this is that depending on the nature of the fault, network services may take time to fully restore, or engineers may still be in the process of finalizing the resolution and making sure all services reconnect.
    • You sent me a notice saying FNO xyz services in my area are affected by a fault, I contacted them and aren't aware of the fault, why is that?

    • Our systems automatically detect and aggregate customers who are offline by FNO and region and in almost all cases this will match to a reported and fixed network fault at the FNO level.  Some faults, however do require further investigation to determine the root cause.   It’s important to stress that Mweb’s notifications are not “blaming the FNO”, we are simply informing you of a detected issue, which we are managing. Our team follows up on all detected outages, matches them to confirmed FNO outages and escalates any outliers and trends to the relevant FNO and our own network team for further investigation, which is why it is always better to deal with us than to contact the FNO directly.
    • How does loadshedding affect outage detection and notifications?

    • Automated notifications are selectively disabled during Eskom loadshedding as it requires additional checks to differentiate between power outages and genuine network faults.  During loadshedding we still make every effort to identify genuine outages as quickly as possible and send proactive notifications to impacted customers.