Common Internet Connection issues and helpful tips on how to solve them

  • We know that there’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to check your emails or watch the latest episode or season of your favourite series, only for you to experience Internet issues. Our team has put together a useful guide that will explain how you can resolve common Internet issues.

    Here are 4 of the most common reasons you can’t connect:

    1. A network outage

    This is when a network infrastructure experiences some type of failure that impacts its customers. The cause may vary from a cable break or network equipment failure in your neighbourhood. While this seldomly happens, it may also be a widespread outage due to the central Router or a major link that failed.

    2. A problem with your Router

    Sometimes Routers can run out of resources like memory and stop responding, or they may not come back online correctly after an outage. If your Router regularly restarts on its own or stops responding it may need to be replaced. Power problems are a common cause of Router instability.

    3. Power outages

    This could be caused by lightning or Eskom power failures.

    4. Running out of data

    If you are on a Capped product, you may have run out of your monthly data allocation.

    What should you do if you're experiencing connection problems?

    1. Check for notifications from Mweb

    • Our systems are capable of detecting certain outages automatically and linking them to the affected customers. In these cases, we will automatically notify you when the fault is detected and when it is resolved.
    • If you didn’t receive a notification, you can also check the outages section of the Help Centre for issues in your area..
    • Check your online Mweb Account for usage details. This will indicate if you have reached your data cap and need to purchase a data booster to get back online.

    2. Check your power and Router

    • Check to see if other household devices in your area have power. If yes, then you know that the problem isn’t a power outage.
    • Switch your Router off and on again at the wall and reboot the computer, phone or tablet you're Connecting from. Make sure the device is correctly connected to the Router and give it a few minutes to reconnect. This simple method will often fix the problem.
    • Try checking power supplies, power leads and multi plugs for loose Connections, overloading, or signs of wear and tear.
    • Check the different lights on your Router and ONT device (for Fibre customers) vs the setup guides in the Help Centre. The different lights can often give you an idea if there is a problem.

    If all else fails, log a query via your online Mweb Account and one of our agents will assist you to get Connected.