How to Setup you Mweb Wr7010 Fibre Router

  • Once your Fibre ONT has been Installed, it’s quick and easy to get your WR 7010 Fibre Router Connected. Follow these step by step instructions below:

  • We’ve divided our setup guide into different sections, depending on your experience level you can skip ahead to the one you need, or start right from the beginning.

    • Unboxing and Router Info
    • Plugging in and Connecting to your Router
    • Quick Setup Guide
  • Unboxing and Router Info

    Follow these steps to familiarize yourself with your new router.

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    Unboxing your Router

    In the Box you will find:

    A. The Fibre router

    B Quick start guide

    C Power Supply

    D Ethernet cable
  • Plugging In and Connecting to your Router

    Follow these steps if you need assistance plugging in and connecting to your new router.

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    Plugging in the Router

    Now that you’re familiar with your router lets connect it to your fibre ONT and the power:

    Using the ethernet cable provided, Connect the LAN port on the Fibre ONT device to the blue port labelled WAN on the back of the Router.

    Plug the Router’s power supply cable into the wall power supply and Connect the Router to this power supply via the small round power socket on the side of the Router.

    Switch the power on at the wall socket. The Router has no power button and will start up as soon as you plug it in.

  • Router Setup Wizard

    Follow these steps for help completing the setup Wizard on your new router

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    Log in to your router through your preferred Web Browser

    Open your web browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc.

    Type the following address in your address bar: