How to move your Mweb Fibre product if you are moving into a new home

  • Moving home? We can’t provide the bubble wrap or help you pack those boxes, but we can help our customers to move their Fibre products from their current address to a new address. We’ll help you through the process, retain your mailbox and keep you updated. No hassle/No fuss!!!

  • Before you start:

    In order to complete the moving request you will need to know your moving dates and your new address and be able to login to your online Mweb Account.
    • Please ensure that you submit your request with at least 30 days notice, to make sure that everyone involved in making your move experience hassle-free has plenty of time to get everything organized for you.
    • To do it yourself online, simply navigate to, click on the Moving Home option in the top right and sign in to start the process.
    • If you'd prefer to chat to an agent, then call us on 087 700 2121 and please select the “moving option”. Please have your moving date and new address available.
    • Be aware that every moving request is different and depends on your current product and where you are moving to. Once your request is submitted You can track the status of your new product order online and look out for Emails, SMS’s and calls from our teams with updates or requests for some additional information.
  • The guide below will show you the steps you need to follow in the online form and answer any other questions that might come up during your move.
  • Step 1 of 4

    Let us know that you are moving and when

    • Complete the online application to let us know you are moving. We’ll need at least 30 days-notice.
    • Confirm which Fibre product you want to move. Some customers have more than 1.
    • Let us know the exact date that you want us to switch off your current Fibre product. From this date you will no longer be able to access the Internet from this connection.
    • Please remember that we cannot change this end date once we’ve started processing your request, so please be sure of your end date.
  • What to do at your current home:

    • Leave behind the Fibre ONT and all the cables, as this belongs to the Fibre network. If you do take this ONT, then you will be charged by the Fibre network..
    • You will need to pack the Mweb Router that was delivered to you and take it with you! Don’t forget to pack the routers power pack and any LAN cables that came with the router.
  • Only For customers on MFN Fibre Connections:
    If you are currently on the MFN network and are moving to another MFN network product, then you will need to take your ONT and all cables with you. If you are not sure, then please check with us.
  • Don’t Take

    1. Indoor Fibre Terminator

    2. ONT Power Supply

    3. Fibre ONT


    4. Your Multiplug

    5. Mweb Fibre Router

    6. Mweb Fibre Router Power Supply

  • Still have questions?

    The Moving Home Frequently asked questions below might help:
    • I’m an existing Fibre customer and I’m moving. What should I do?

    • Complete the online application via the Mweb website. Select the Moving home option on the top right-hand side and complete the application details.
    • What do I need to provide when I am moving?

    • Indicate which product that you wish to move. The date on which you want your current connectivity to be cancelled. From this date you will not be able to connect to the Internet. The full address of the new place you are moving to. The new product that you have select at your new address based on availability. The date you would like the new product to go active on and to be able to connect to the Internet from.   The following additional information will help us to speed up the process: Proof of address at the new address If the new address already has Fibre installed, a picture of the ONT device including the reference number, which is often on the back.
    • Are there any costs to moving my Fibre product?

    • If you move your current Fibre product to another Mweb Fibre product and continue your Mweb service on that new product, then there are no costs. However, if you do not move to another Mweb product, you will be charged a 1 calendar month termination fee and if applicable, you will need to payback any outstanding clawback amounts on your current product.
    • What is a clawback amount?

    • When you signed up, Mweb paid the installation + activation for you so that you did not incur any costs and you agreed to remain a customer for 12 months. Should you wish to cancel during this time, a pro-rata amount is worked out for you to payback.
    • What happens to current clawback amounts owed?

    • If you move to another Mweb product and continue your service on a new product, then any clawback amounts will be carried over to your new product agreement. If want to confirm the amounts, give us a call.
    • What happens if there is no other Fibre products available at my new address?

    • We work with many different Fibre operators across South Africa and have some of the widest coverage available so we’re sure we can move you to another Fibre product. We do also have a range of Capped and Uncapped LTE products if for some reason there is no Fibre available.
    • What happens if I want to move from Fibre to LTE?

    • This can be done and will depend on your current product agreement. A sim card and new router may be needed, but our teams will confirm depending on your new product choice.
    • When should I let Mweb know I’m moving?

    • At least 30 days in advance before the date that you wish to stop the current product on.
    • Can I keep my existing Mweb mailbox address?

    • Yes.
    • If there is a gap between switching off and moving dates, can I keep my Mweb mailbox?

    • Yes. There is no charge to retain a mailbox between moves for 3-months. If after this time, you have not reconnected with a new Fibre or LTE product, then a mailbox charge will be applied and you might be liable for any outstanding amounts.
    • What should I take from my current Fibre product when moving?

    • Leave the ONT device and cables, but please take your router (including the power pack and any Lan cables you have) as you will need that. If you currently have a product on the MFN network and are moving to another product still on the MFN network, then you will need to take your ONT device with you.
    • What happens if the person moving into my current home wants to take over my Fibre?

    • After you have notified us of your move, then the new owner can place their order with Mweb, either online or by giving us a call on 087 700 5000.
    • At my new home, what should I look for?

    • Check if your new home has a Fibre ONT device and please ask the seller or agent to ensure that the current customer leaves the ONT and all cables behind and that they cancel their Fibre product with their ISP.
    • What happens if the previous owner has taken the ONT?

    • This would be treated as a new installation and can take time. We’d highly recommend working with the seller or agent to ensure that the ONT is left behind by the previous occupants.
    • What happens if the previous owner has not cancelled their Fibre product with their ISP?

    • This does depend on the Fibre Network operator. Our teams can assist if a lease agreement or proof of ownership is provided. In these more complicated cases our teams will be in contact to discuss.
    • Do I need to pay for installation in my new address?

    • This depends on the status of your current product agreement and what you prefer. If you are still within the original product agreement, then costs may apply, but they can be added to your new product agreement. Our teams will confirm once they have checked all the details on both the current and new product orders.
    • What happens if the new residence is a rental?

    • Permission to install Fibre into rental properties depends on the rental agreement the customer has with their landlord.
    • What happens if I am renting a sub – dwelling on the property?

    • This depends on the Fibre Network operator and how they have treat the sub – dwelling. Our teams will be in contact as we’ll need proof of address with the sub – dwelling address.
    • How long does installation in new home take?

    • If there is no Fibre already installed at the new home, then Fibre installation at the new address takes up to 10 days after the order has been confirmed.
    • What happens if my current Mweb account is in arrears?

    • Customers will need to settle their accounts before a product can be moved.
    • How can I keep track of the new product order status?

    • Customers can keep track of their new product order via track my order in their online account or via the link Emailed to customers.
    • I’m an existing LTE customer and I’m moving. What should I do?

    • This depends on provider and coverage. Rather give us call and we’ll talk you through what the options are and what to do.