About the new Fibre installation process from Order to Activation

  • The ISP vs the Fibre Network Operator

    Mweb, who is the ISP (Internet service provider) connects you to the Internet and manages your connection once the physical installation of the Fibre line has been completed. Mweb works with a range of different Fibre Network operators across the country to ensure we provide current and future customers with the widest range of options

    The Fibre Network operators are responsible for installing the Fibre cables in your road and from the road (or pole) into your residence. And they are also responsible for managing their part to ensure you stay connected.

  • 4-easy steps to getting Fibre installed and connected

  • Choose your product and place your order

    Once you have chosen the best product for your household needs and budget, Mweb places your order with the Fibre Network Operator. They check the order details to confirm installation is available and that a Fibre line is not already installed by previous owners. This can take up to 2 working days for them to confirm.

    As soon as you’ve placed your order, you can track the status or your order online. Follow the link emailed to you and look out for Emails + SMS updates.

    Helpful Hint: To speed up the process, ensure your installation address accurately completed and that all required fields are entered.

    Helpful hint 2: If you place a pre - order for a product, it means that your installation may take a little longer as the Fibre Network Operator rolls out their installation, but your order is ahead of the queue and we’ll keep you updated.

    Want to order? Visit the Mweb website and sign up.

  • Confirm an installation date

    There are different types of installation depending on your order


    • If your address is ready for installation, you will be contacted by the Fibre Network Operator installers directly to set up a date and time for installation.
    • How long this process takes depends on you agreeing to an installation date, but can take between 2 and 10 days.
    • Installation includes:
    • Bringing the Fibre line from outside your house into your home. This might be from the road or a pole outside your home
    • Conduiting to carry this Fibre line into your home. How much depends on the Fibre Network operator, but is normally more than enough is included for average sized properties.
    • Installation of the ONT devices, which remain the property of the Fibre Network provider
    • Decide ahead of time where you would like the Fibre ONT and your router to be placed. It will need to be near a power source and somewhere safe.
    • We’d recommend that you, or someone you trust, is at home at the time of installation to ensure you agree with the installer on the placement of the conduit and ONT to avoid any disappointment
    • Look out for calls, SMS’s or Emails from the Fibre Network Operator installers to book an installation date and time.


    • If your address already has a Fibre line installed, then we’ll need to get the reference number from you. Details are on the ONT device.
    • If you are purchasing a new home with Fibre already installed, ask the seller/ agent to provide the reference number and make sure the ONT remains when they leave


    • In some cases, your address may indicate that it is ready for Fibre installation, BUT the body corporate/homeowners association may not yet have granted permission for installation to take place within the complex.
    • If this is the case, then we keep your order in the pipeline as a pre – order , until the Fibre Network operator confirms that installation can be completed. While you wait we can assist you with a short term LTE solve.
    • If you live in an estate/complex/ apartment, check if your body corporate has given permission. If not – ask them to give the Fibre Network Operator permission to install as quickly as possible.
    • Look out for emails and SMS’s from Mweb as we’ll keep you updated

  • Taking delivery of your router

    If you have included a Fibre router in your order, it is dispatched when Mweb has confirmation from the Fibre Network Operator that your order is progressing and an installation date booked. If you need to change the delivery address, then please log in to your online account and make the change. Delivery can take between 2 and 10 days depending on your delivery address.

    • Ensure someone you trust is available at the delivery address who can take delivery of the router.
  • Activation after installation

    After installation has been completed by the Fibre installers, they must confirm installation with the Fibre Network operator. This can take between a few hours and 2 days depending on the Fibre Network installers. As soon as Mweb receives confirmation, you will be sent an SMS indicating your product is live. Your order status will also change to live. You are only billed from when your product goes active.

    As soon as your product is active, plug in the routers power supply, switch on and connect the ONT to the router via the included LAN cable. Ensure that the ONT and routers power supply is switched on and that all the lights are on. Set-up should be automatic within 15 minutes and you don’t need to do anything. Connect all your devices to the WiFi and test your connection. Your WiFi username and password are displayed on the back of the router.


    • Track the status of your order online, by logging into your online Mweb Account and select the orders tab. Here you will be able to see each stage and the status of your order.