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How to Login with the Mweb Mobile App

  • In case you missed the fanfare, our new Mobile App has launched and we hope you think it's as fantastic as we do.
    This guide will take you through the process of logging into the App for the first time and explain some of the new security features we've added.
    • You will need your master account username and password, which was sent to you via sms when you first signed up
    • If your account details aren’t working you can click on the forgot password? Option to try and retrieve them.
    • You can always regain access to your account as long as you are the account owner, are registered for one time PIN and know your master account username, or the email address you associated with it.
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    Launch the Application

    Once your download completes find and launch the app.

  • Mweb Mobile App Security - Frequently Asked Questions

    Got questions about our Mobile App and Security? These are the answers you need.
    • What is the difference between Full and Restricted Access?

    • Full Access is the default mode login mode for custonmers to access and manage Mweb Services. You can only sign in with Full Access from a Trusted device, or if you complete OTP Authentication. Restricted Access provides a very limited read-only view of basic settings, without access to any sensitive information It should only be used by customers who are unable to sign in with an OTP at the time.
    • What is a Trusted device?

    • When signing with Full Access from the Mweb Mobile App you are able to choose to trust the device you are on, once you have trusted a device you will no longer be prompted for an OTP when signing in on that device.
    • Can I have multiple trusted devices?

    • No. Your Mweb username and mobile number combination can only be associated with a single trusted device. If you sign in with your username on another device, you will be prompted to fully authenticate with an OTP and to ‘move’ your trust relationship to that device.
    • What if I have multiple accounts linked to the same mobile number?

    • You can absolutely sign in with more than one account on the same phone and make it your trusted device for both usernames if they share a mobile number. You can then switch between accounts from the profile screen (for security purposes we still require you to authenticate when switching accounts)