About VOIP

What is VoIP?

  • VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is the technical name for services that can place and receive phone calls over the Internet.

    • Why would I need a VoIP service?

    • VoIP is the perfect replacement for traditional phone services and is often requested by customers moving from ADSL to Fibre at home or LTE customers who wish to do away with their copper landline. You can even keep the phone number from your old landline and link it to your new VoIP service by following a process called number porting. However, VoIP is not just for 'landline cutters', and anyone looking for a versatile, low-cost calling solution can benefit from the service.
    • Who can I call with my VoIP service?

    • You can call anyone with a phone number locally or internationally. The VoIP servers use special gateways to route calls over the Internet to normal landline numbers, cellular networks and users of other VoIP services. Your account is automatically credited with a number of local call minutes every month. To make international calls, you will need to buy a top-up with international credit.
  • Three Ways to use your VoIP Service:
    • With a special VoIP handset such as the Yealink, which is available for purchase when you sign up for Mweb VoIP.
    • With a VoIP client application, which can be installed on your PC or mobile phone. Mweb recommends the Zoiper application, which has a free version, is easy to set up and works on a variety of devices and operating systems.
    • You can also keep using your old 'analogue telephone handset' if you plug it into a special converter called an ATA adapter. Some Internet Routers come with built-in ATA adapters, which you can identify by the inclusion of a telephone (RJ-11) port on the back of the Router.