How to Get Help

How to find your settings for any Mweb product

  • Mweb offers a range of products and services besides Internet Connectivity.

    Here’s how to find your way around the products page and manage everything with a few simple clicks:

    When you are ready to proceed, simply login to your account at and follow along.
  • Navigate to My Products

    Once you are logged in click on My Products from the menu bar.

  • Navigate to My Products

    Once you are logged in click on My Products from the menu bar.

    1. The Username for this product
    2. The Product Description
    3. Type in the box to give your products friendly names, useful if you have lots of products
    4. Your monthly subscription for this product
    5. Action buttons for making changes like upgrading to higher speeds, or adding a new product
    6. The physical address linked to this product (useful if you have multiple connectivity products that you manage
    7. If your product has usage data you can click on the plus to show graphs and other useful information
    8. The services section is where you see the services linked to this product, some products are bundled with more than one service, like this fibre service which is bundled with a Mailbox and Faxmail
    9. The settings cog is where the magic happens.
    10. Here you can find login details and activation keys, change VoIP or Mailbox settings, or any other product configuration options available
    11. The toolbox icon is for special service functions, like activating a free mailbox that you’ve never used
    12. If your needs have changed and you no longer need this product, you can click on the Trashcan to request cancellation
  • Example of a Settings Panel

    When you click on the settings cog a panel will open showing you all of the available information and configurable settings for that service.

    The service panels are divided into logical sections. Clicking on the down arrow will expand a section to show you the items you can view and change in that section.

    Almost everything that you need as an Mweb customer, from your fibre login details, to email junkmail filters, VoIP call forwarding and the license key for your Security and Office 365 addons can be found in the settings panel for corresponding service.