Microsoft 365

Find the Perfect Microsoft 365 product for your needs

  • With the increased demand for working, studying and completing homework assignments at home or running your own business, there has never been more need for access to frequently used Microsoft tools such as Outlook Email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Users have the ability to create, share and edit documents while on the go and can be access across all devices. Microsoft 365 products work on both PC and Mac devices and the Apps are updated automatically.

    There are 2 product options to choose from and the choice really depends on the number of users required:

    • Microsoft 365 Personal gives access to only 1 user across all of their devices. This product is perfect for a single user
    • Microsoft 365 Family gives access to 5 users across all of their devices and is ideal for a larger family with multiple needs
  • Annual or monthly plans payable over 12 months are available, allowing Mweb customers the chance to manage their cash flow and not have to pay larger sums of money upfront.

  • Both Microsoft 365 Personal and Family products include the following tools.
    Existing Mweb customers can easily add this product to their existing accounts:

    • Outlook
    • Word
    • Excell
    • PowerPoint
    • 60-Minutes of Skype calls per month
    • 1TB of OneDrive Cloud Storage
    • OneDrive ransomeware detection and recovery protecting files against digital attacks
    • Automatic backups to One Drive Cloud Storage
    • Fingerprint face or PIN access control as extra layers of protection for users OneDrive Personal Vault ensuring that documents are safe and secure across devices
    • Share and edit documents from any devices
  • The following features are available for PC users only:

    • The ability to easily create and manage databases for projects, large or small, with Access.
    • The ability to create everything from simple greeting cards and labels to professional newsletters and posters with Publisher.
  • Signing up and getting started:

    When you sign-up on the Mweb website, you will be sent an activation key via SMS and an Email with detailed instructions of how to get connected. If you don’t receive your activation key or Email, log in to your online Mweb Account, select the Microsoft 365 product and scroll down to the section called “Included services and Helpful information”, for these details.