Managing Mail Settings

How to Manage Webmail Filters

  • Webmail filters are a powerful feature like Microsoft Outlook rules that can be setup inside the Zimbra Webmail client.

    For security reasons these filters are deactivated by default and customers who wish to use them must specifically enable them here.

    When you are ready to proceed, simply login to your account at and follow along.

  • If you’re not sure how to log in you can follow the steps in this guide.

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    Locate the Mailbox

    Locate the mailbox want to manage Webmail Filters for and click on the cog next to the mailbox service.

    If your mailbox is bundled with your connection you will find it under the included services for that product.
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  • Webmail Filters Q&A

    • What is Zimbra Webmail?

    • Zimbra is a powerful and fully featured mail client which you can access by going to and signing in with your Mweb Mailbox.
    • What are Webmail filters?

    • Webmail filters are a feature similar to Microsoft Outlook rules that allow you to set up powerful rules to organize and respond to emails automatically
    • How do I access Filters?

    • Once you’ve turned them on you can find filters in the Preferences Tab inside the Zimbra Client
    • Why are filters turned off?

    • Filters are a feature, that can be abused in the wrong hands, such as if your Mailbox is compromised by a phishing scam and they can also cause serious problems if you setup incorrect rules. We therefore recommend that only advanced users should make use of this feature.
    • Why are forwarding filters controlled separately?

    • Forwarding filters are the feature most prone to abuse and should always be left off unless you have a specific use for them in mind and you completely understand the risks, should your account be phished.