About Mail

All the advantages and features of a bigger Mailbox Product from Mweb

  • With the volume of emails and calendar notifications received today, a larger mailbox product allows customers to upgrade their mailbox storage size, while still giving access to emails from any device, synchronized calendars and file storage.

  • This is especially useful if you are running a business or receive many emails with larger attachments.
  • What do you get with Mweb’s larger mailbox products?
    • Additional mailbox storage. Size depending on which product you choose.
    • Protection against spam and phishing attempts
    • Email access using any device
    • Access via an online webmail service
    • Works across a range of Email platforms – like Outlook or Zimbra
    • Calendar functionality to create appointments, meetings and events.
    • The Tasks feature allows you to create and track tasks.
    • The briefcase feature enables you to save documents to the briefcase rather than as a message attachment. These documents can be accessed and edited on the go. Mweb Domain customers can share this briefcase with others.
  • If you already have an Mweb mailbox, you can upgrade your mailbox to a larger size by purchasing a bigger mailbox product via your online account.