Online Identity Protection

Your DigiCare Cyber Warranty

  • How to find your Cyber Warranty Certificate

    • After you redeemed your code sent via SMS here an email will be sent from Digimune Portal titled ‘Get Started with Online Identity Protection Bundle

    Get Started
  • Save your Certificate.

    • The attachment is called "Digimune Warranty". Download this PDF and save it.

    Please remember to Save this Certificate in a safe place.


  • Warranty Exclusions

    The Warranty does not apply:
    • To juristic or corporate entities.
    • If your operating system (Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS and the like) is not up to date and in line with the requirements of the latest version of the Cybersecurity Software Products provided by Us at the time of the incident;
    • To any Indemnified Losses if Your Device has any unlicensed software or applications not acquired from an official App store or recognized software provider;
    • If You do not notify Us of an alleged Hacking Incident within 48 hours;
    • To any loss or damage:
    • covered by a policy of insurance;
    • which does not fall within the definition of a Loss of Funds as described in this Warranty;
    • associated with interest, damages, third party claims, fees incurred, and other costs that may be a consequence of the Indemnified Loss;
    • if you shared or gave Your Digital Identity and/or Digital Keys to any third party, whosoever, irrespective of any reason whatsoever;
    • arising out of any unlawful conduct, whether by omission or commission, on Your part;
    • Any in-store or online Bank card transactions not originating from Your Device;
    • Any Loss of Funds held other than at a Bank.

    Digimune digiCARE Warranty Terms and Conditions

    Please note: *The total liability under this warranty may not exceed the Maximum Limit of Liability within any 12-month period.

  • How to Claim

    • Step 1: Inform Police Immediately - inform the Police of the alleged Indemnified Loss, but within 24 hours.
    • Step 2: Inform Digimune of the alleged loss within 48 hours - with all relevant details and provide the Police case number given to You by the Police, by logging the details of the loss as per link provided in the Digimune Warranty Certificate.
    • Step 3: Supply Supporting Information - If You haven’t already dealt with this when You first reported the loss, please ensure that You submit Your Claim electronically within 48 hours.
    • Step 4: Assist with Any Legal Proceedings - Your assistance will be required should We decide to start legal proceedings against any party responsible for the Indemnified Loss. Note that any such legal action may be taken in Your name.
    • Step 5: Sign Release - You may have to sign a release form before We will Indemnify You.

    Please note: To claim please go here or email

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