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The Complete Guide to JetBackup 5

  • Everything you need to know on how to download and restore your website using JetBackup5.

    This guide will help you download and restore your files and website via JetBackup5.

    With JetBackup5, you have automatic backups that make it easy to restore a specific account or file within seconds.

    Whether you've corrupted the config file for your WordPress, or your Web developer has just accidently overwritten your whole online shop database, having a reliable backup in place could save your countless hours and more than a few rands and cents.

  • Jetbackup is a powerful tool with lots of options.

    We`ve divided our guide into different sections, depending on your experience level, or which task you need to complete you can skip ahead to the correct part.

    you can skip ahead to the one you need:

    1. Accessing Jetbackup
    2. Automatic backups
    3. Manual backups
    4. Download a backup
    5. Restore a backup
  • Before we Begin

    We assume that you already have your Mweb Hosting Product up and running and know how to access your Mweb Online Account and cPanel

    If you need a refresher on how to login to cPanel you can follow this guide.

  • Section 1 : Accessing JetBackup 5
    Follow the Steps in the Slider below to Access Jetbackup
  • Step 1 of 2

    Sign in to cPanel

    Sign into cPanel and find the Files section on the dashboard

    Click on JetBackup5

  • Section 2 : Automatic Backups
    Jetbackup runs vital incremental backups of your website automatically - follow this guide to find out more
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    Home Directory automatic backups

    JetBackup 5 will automatically back up your website daily and keep it stored for up to 7 days on the Home Directory page

  • Section 3 : Manual Backups

    Follow these easy steps below to manually backup your website
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    Create on Demand Backup

    If you need to manually back up your website.

    Go back to the Jetbackup dashboard and click on Create Backup On Demand

  • Section 4 : Download a Backup

    Follow these easy steps below on how to download a website backup

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    Choosing the file

    Go back to home directory page

    Click on the file you want to download and click Download

    (Note that this would also work if you where to download another type of backup, such as a database.)

  • Section 5: Restore a File

    Follow these easy steps below on how to restore a file that was deleted off your cPanel using JetBackup5

    Note: A portion of the below guide demonstrates deleting a file, which is purely for illustrative purposes.
  • Step 1 of 5

    Deleting a File in cPanel

    You can use the File Manager in cPanel to create move and delete files on your website, for demonstration purposes we are deleting a single file.