Pure DSL products explained and compared to ADSL products

    • What is Pure DSL and how is it different to DSL?

    • Effectively they are the same. They are both Fixed Broadband connections that use telephone cable infrastructure to connect you to the Internet. The main different is the Pure DSL DOES NOT require customers have to an old fashion landline number or pay for the services of a landline number in addition to their DSL Internet connection.
    • Why should customers choose this type of Internet Connection?

    • In some areas Fibre or LTE product offerings may not be available and Pure DSL will be most affordable fixed line connection to connect to the Internet . Product availability is depending on available coverage.
    • Is installation required?

    • Yes. The installation is done by Openserve and can takes up to 10 working days.
    • Do you need a new router?

    • Standard ADSL Routers can be used to connect Pure DSL products.
    • Are there any upfront costs?

    • There are installation costs charged by Openserve, the provider, but Mweb do run FREE installation deals. Check for deals here.
    • What speeds are available?

    • There are a range of 4 different line speeds available, all of which are Uncapped data products. - Uncapped 5Mbps - Uncapped 10Mbps - Uncapped 20Mbps - Uncapped 40Mbps
    • Are products throttled like other ADSL products?

    • No. Products are Uncapped and Unthrottled.
  • You can see the Pure DSL products available, the costs and the installation deals by visiting the Mweb website. To sign up give our sales teams a call.