What to do in lightning Season?

  • Anyone who has experienced fierce storms during the lightning season in the northern parts of South Africa knows the harm lighting can cause with plugged-in electronics. This includes your Router and any other device that is connected to a power source.

    Here are 2 suggestions to help protect your hardware when experiencing lightning in your area.

    1. Be prepared

    When there’s lightning in the area, the best way to protect your Router and Fibre ONT device is to switch them off at the wall and only switch them back on when the lightning is over.

    For ADSL Routers, we also recommend that you unplug the phone line from the back of the ADSL Router. This is because any surge along the copper phone line from a lightning strike will damage the Router if the cable is still connected.

    2. Consider investing in

    • A surge protector to reduce physical damage to your Router.
    • Power banks to run your devices from.
    • A small uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that can run your crucial electronics for several hours.