ADSL Thresholds and fair usage

  • Usage thresholds limit the amount of data that can be used on a product in a 30-day, rolling window A speed limit is enforced when the limit is breached.
    Usage is reevaluated daily and speeds revert to normal as soon as the 30-day usage is back within limits.

    Usage thresholds are implemented on Lite and Standard Uncapped ADSL products to ensure fair usage behaviors for all customers in line with Mweb’s policy.

    No thresholds are applied to Premium Uncapped ADSL products.
    • Schedule larger downloads between midnight and 8 am to avoid usage impact.
    • Check your coverage and move to Uncapped Fibre.
    • If you're not ready for fibre, consider moving to a premium uncapped ADSL product with no thresholds
  • Got a Question about Thresholds?

    • What are thresholds?

    • Thresholds are usage limits based on your last 30 days of usage.
    • What happens when you reach your threshold?

    • Once you reach this threshold, your Connection speed will be reduced until such time that your average usage returns to below the specified threshold.
    • What about night time data?

    • All usage between midnight and 8 am daily is excluded from threshold calculations.
    • What if I have a Premium ADSL Product?

    • No thresholds are applied to Premium Uncapped ADSL products.