Important Information When You Sign Up For Mweb 5G, Powered By MTN

  • Important things you need to know to speed up the process.

    Who is involved?

    The ISP and the 5G network provider.

    Mweb, who is the ISP (Internet service provider) connects you to the Internet and manages your connection. MTN is the 5G network provider that setups and provides the LTE infrastructure.

    There are 4 steps to getting connected. Track the status of your order online, via your online Mweb Account


    Once you have selected a product there are a few important sign-up details to complete correctly. If these are not correct, then this can slow down or even stop the process. These details are captured as a part of RICA, and fraud prevention requirements.
    • YOUR NAME: Sign up using your full names, as they appear on your ID document.
    • YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER: This must be the same number that you have registered at your bank and will also be your Mweb OTP number.
    • PHYSICAL ADDRESS: This is the address where be using the 5G product. Access is restricted to this address and any attempts to use outside of this area will result in the product being locked.
    • BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS: You will be asked to provide bank account details for the monthly payment. Please ensure the bank account is in the same name as the account holder. If not, your order will not progress.
  • When you sign up, remember to check if your current router works on the MTN network. A full list is available on the Help centre.
  • Order Placement

    Once you have placed your 5G order with Mweb, your order is automatically submitted to MTN who check the details and confirm. This can take up to 1 working day.
  • Delivery and RICA Verification

    • Delivery takes place within 5 working days depending on the delivery address.
    • Your 5G Sim card is dispatched once your order has been submitted.
    • If you have ordered a router, this will be dispatched only once payment has been received.
    • Our courier partner will call and SMS to arrange an appointment for delivery. Ensure you are available at that time to take delivery. If the first delivery or RICA verification fails, you will be liable for the cost of a second delivery. If you need to change delivery times give our couriers a call on 010 020 1028.
    • RICA verification takes place at the time of delivery. You are legally obliged to undergo this verification before the SIM card can be handed over to you and then activated.
    • You will be asked to present the following original documents AND copies to the delivery agent at the time of delivery.
      • Your ID document in the same name as the Mweb Account holder details
      • Proof of address dated not older than 3 months matching your 5G physical installation address. You can use a utility bill, a cell phone account, or a store account that has your name and address. This name and address must match your Mweb Account details.
    • AND for the Authorized person
      • ID Document
      • Proof of address dated not older than 3 months
  • Ensure all documentation is completed and ready for presentation to avoid delivery and RICA delays
  • Activation and Router Setup

    • After successful delivery and RICA verification your product can take up to 2 working days to activate and is triggered by the SIM card being inserted into the router. You don’t need to call to check in, the process is automatic.
    • You are only billed from when your product is active.
    • If you have purchased a router from Mweb you only need to insert the SIM card into the router.
    • If you are using your own router, then you need to adjust the APN setting to
    • If you need help setting up your router, set up guides are available online. Click here and select the name of the router that you received.