Returning Hardware

Returning Hardware

  • Free-to-use routers are exactly that – free to use for as long as you are with Mweb and using the relevant service. Should the router break, be stolen, or damaged through lighting, we`ll replace it for free up to a maximum of 2 occasions. If you choose to cancel your service, you will incur a charge for the router unless it is returned to us in its original condition and packaging.
  • • You must return the router, its cables and all manuals to Mweb within 20 days from the time your service is deactivated (this includes, but is not limited to: Cancelled orders, Cancelled accounts, Suspended accounts, or if the account is Turned off at the end of your one months’ notice)

    • If the router is not returned within 20 days, you will be billed for the router, and it will become your property.

    • When returning the router, your name, email address and Mweb customer number should be included. If this information is not included, we will not be able to identify if you returned it.

    • No routers will be accepted after 20 days.

    • If you request Mweb to collect the router, this will incur costs.

    • All courier costs involved in returning the router are for your account.

    • You will be charged the retail value of the router or for any missing cables.

    • If you choose to keep the router and pay for it, it now belongs to you. Mweb will not assume any responsibility for damages, losses, or faults related to the router.

    • The warranty will be void when it becomes your property and it will not be insured by Mweb.

  • What you need to know when cancelling

    If your order is not activated and you decide to cancel
    • If a router has been delivered, please ensure it is returned within 20 days of your order cancellation.
    • If the router is not returned, you will be billed for the router.
    •If your router is returned and it's missing cables we will charge you for the retail value of the cables or manuals.
    Please note: Clawbacks may apply.

    If your product is active
    • Mweb has a calendar month cancellation policy.
    • This will apply to all Fibre sign-ups as of 1 March 2024 and LTE sign-ups as of 1st of June if a Free-to-use router was added.
    • If you have opted for a Free-to-use router, upon cancellation you have 20 days to return your router.
    • If the router is not returned, you will be billed the retain value of the router.
    Please note: If your service was suspended due to non-payment, you will be required to return the router. If it is not returned, you will be billed for the router.

    Placing a cancellation
    • You can place your notice of cancellation one calendar month before the date of cancellation via your online account.
    • If your service has been suspended due to non-payment you will have 30 days to make payment and restore your service.
    • If you do not settle your account within 30 days, Mweb will cancel your service, and this will be seen as a standard cancellation and all the above rules will apply.
    • If you wish to reactivate your service after cancellation you will be liable for all reconnection fees and administration fees involved.

    Please note: All Mweb deals are subject to change without prior notice. This includes our terms and conditions regarding costs, deals, or package structures for all our service providers.
  • Router Return

    What to include when returning your router
    • We only need the free-to-use router returned.
    • Take the original cables such as the original power supply, ethernet cables and manuals. If not returned, this will incur costs.
    • Please include your Mweb account number, full names, ID, address, email, and mobile number as we need to identify you returned your router.

    Where to drop it off/send it to;


    Nology, Unit 4 Louwlardia Business Park, 122 Bavaria Rd, Louwlardia, Centurion, 0157

    Business hours: Monday to Thursday 08:00 to 17:00 and Friday 08:00 to 16:00
    Please follow the board to go to the Warranties Office.

    Cape Town:

    Nology, Unit 2, Garnet Park, 6 Drill Ave, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441

    Business hours: Monday to Thursday 08:00 to 17:00 and Friday 08:00 to 16:00
    Ask for Venessa at reception.

    Using a courier service?

    • We will not collect your router at any collection courier pick-up points. This must be a door-to-door drop-off.

    • When using your own service, please ensure that you select the "to-door" option to Nology JHB or Nology Cape Town.

    • Please fill out the waybill correctly and ensure you include the above-mentioned note with your details (customer code/ID, address, email and mobile number) so we can identify your router and ensure you are not billed for it.

  • NB: Nology offices are our Logistics and Warehousing partners. They are not Mweb satellite offices and cannot assist with any support/sales queries.