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What to check if you're not receiving your One Time PIN

  • One Time PIN (OTP) verification has become a critical part of how we verify logins and transactions in today’s world, but what can you do if you need to get something done and you just aren’t receiving those vital messages on your phone?

    Here are some common solutions you can attempt:

    • You may just have lost your connection to the mobile network and simply restarting your phone will get things going again. If you’re in a hurry you can also try our time saving trick of turning on Aeroplane mode for a few seconds as this will have the same effect of resetting all the wifi and mobile network connections.
    • Bulk sms providers such as Clickatell use a shared pool of numbers for sending out messages and you may have inadvertently spam-blocked the number being used to send your OTP, Here are some checks you can perform for number blocking:
      • Check the built-in options for spam blocking and sms filters on your phone.
        You will need to browse to the block list and delete any numbers prefixed with 087. If needed, you may need to also remove numbers prefixed (if you use MTN) 083 or 073 and (if you use Vodacom) 082 or 072
      • If you are using a 3rd party spam-blocking service, such as Trucaller, you may need to check their help guide on how to bypass sms filtering.
      • If you are not using Trucaller, and have difficulty disabling the built in sms filtering, then you may have to consult with your cellular provider to assist with this.
      • Lastly, we have found that some users may be on the (Do not contact) list, which prohibits marketing and has blocked the sms numbers being used.

        To check and remove your number from this list, • Dial *120*69269# and press 1 to check the status of your number.
        Please note that removing yourself from this list can can take up to 7 days to register

        You can check the DNC website for more information about this list.