Login and Account Details

Understanding your different Mweb passwords

  • When you sign up as an Mweb customer for the first time, you will receive an SMS with your master account username and password as well as other usernames and passwords, depending on the products and services you chose and we understand that this can be pretty overwhelming at times.

    This simple guide should help get started with all of your login needs:
  • Master Account username and password
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    Your master account username and password, along with your registered OTP number are how you can sign into the Mweb portal, or mobile app and have full control of all of your products and services at your fingertips.

    Whether you want to upgrade your fiber line, sign up for a VoIP service, or check the status of your open query, you can get it all done here.
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    Your product, login details, such as these ones shown for a fibre to the home service. are what you will use to sign into that service. In this case the username and password you would enter on your fibre router.