How long does Fibre installation and Router delivery take

  • There are often a number of questions about the time it takes to get connected after customers have placed their Fibre order. Customers can track the status of their order either via their online account or via the link Emailed to them when they placed their order.

    Timing depends on:

    • If your home is having Fibre installed for the first time or already has a Fibre installation
    • The different Fibre Network Operators and their installation processes and teams
    • Customer availability to have the actual installation completed and take delivery of the router
  • New Installation

    A new installation takes place when your home does not have a Fibre line already installed by the selected Fibre Network Operator

  • Switching

    A switching order takes place when the home already has a Fibre line installed by the selected Fibre Network Operator. This may be because a previous owner already had the Fibre line installed OR because customers are keeping their Fibre line, but switching ISP’s.

  • Pre-orders

    In some cases the physical Fibre network is still being rolled out in an area, but customers can place a Pre – Order which means their order is head of the que. Not all Fibre Network Operators offer the ability to place a Pre – Order.