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Step-by-step instructions to setting up your Ematic 4K Android Media Box from Mweb

  • Follow the easy step - by - step set up instructions below. If you need some extra help, give the Ematic Media box team a call on 011 824 0049

  • Open the box and you will find the following included:

    1. Android TV box

    2. Voice search remote

    3. Power adapter

    4. HDMI cable

    Batteries for remote not included, 2x AAA Batteries required

  • Getting to know your Ematic TV Box

  • imageWithCopy_url

    Side and rear Pannel

  • imageWithCopy_url

    Remote Control

  • Connecting up your Ematic TV Box to your TV

    Before connecting, please shut down all the equipment to be connected.

    1. Connect the Ematic TV Box to your TV.
      1. Connect the HDMI/AV cable to the HDMI/AV port of the TV Box and TV set.
    2. Connect to your network.
      1. Plug the Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the TV box and the other side of the cable to the LAN port of your router.
      2. OR Under Network Settings, select and enable Wi-Fi in order to connect to the network. Once the device scans and lists nearby Wi-Fi networks, select the appropriate network name, input the password if required, and select Connect. (see below for more detail).
    3. Connect the Media Box to the power outlet.
    4. Before powering on. Please switch the signal input of the TV to the HDMI source that you plugged the TV Box into.
    5. Start streaming!
  • Setting up your devices

    Once your hardware is all connected. You can now connect and use the Google Assist remote to the TV box.

    1. First pair the Bluetooth remote to the TV box. Follow the pairing instructions below.

    Select settings in the Menu and from the remote and accessories menu click ‘’Add accessory’’ then select the device to be connected.

    2. Select a language on the welcome page

    3. You can now choose to set up the TV box with you Android phone or skip this step.

    4. By now your Network should already be connect via the Ethernet cable, you can alternativity connect via Wi-Fi.

    5. Now sign in with your Google Account and follow the easy steps.

    6. Turn your Google Assistance functionality on to work on your remote.

  • Settings

    Select Settings to check device information, add/remove accounts, and change system settings.

    Wi-Fi Settings

    • In the network settings select Wi-Fi settings. When the device scans and lists nearby Wi-Fi networks, select the appropriate network. Give it a name and enter the password if required, Select Connect.

    Language Settings

    • In Settings > Preferences, select Language to change the previously set language.

    Bluetooth Pairing

    • Select Settings in the menu launcher. From the Remotes and Accessories menu, click Add Accessory and select the device you want to connect to.

    Adding accounts

    • If you're a new Google user, use your TV to sign up for a new Google account to facilitate login and payment security. Add an account or switch accounts under Accounts in the Settings menu.
  • Downloading apps

    1. On the Android TV home page scroll down to ‘’My apps’’.
    2. To access the Google play store, click the Add Icon (+), once it’s added to your Android Home page you can download more apps via the store.
    These apps are created for Android TV and are different to Google Play Store, there are more than 5 000 apps
  • How to Google cast

    From your mobile device

    Should you want to cast something from your mobile device, certain apps will allow you to cast to your TV.

    1. Firstly, make sure that your mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the media box.
    2. On your mobile device there should be a Google cast compatible app.
    3. Once you open it go to the screen which shows you if you wish to cast.
    4. Tap on the cast icon and then select the TV.

    If the cast button does not appear on the app you want to cast that means it’s not a Google cast compatible app

    From Google chrome

    Should you want to cast something from a PC or laptop, this device has a Google Chromecast built in.

    1. Go to Google Chrome.
    2. Click on the setting icon this is generally located on the top right corner of the browser.
    3. Then click cast.

    4. The available TV units will pop up and click on your TV`s name and the information you see on Google you will now see on your TV.

  • How to use Google assistant

    You can ask and speak into the remote the below instructions.

    • Play dog videos
    • Open Showmax
    • Play Blood and Water on Netflix
    • Play the news
    • Play music by Janet Jackson
    • Pause, Stop, Resume
    • Turn off
    • Softer, Louder
    • How did Manchester united do
    • How do you remove wine stains from my rug
    1. Press the Google assistant button on the remote.
    2. Speak into the microphone on your remote.

    To be able to use Google assistance remember to first pair our remote to the TV

  • Basic Trouble shooting

    1. No display after power on: Ensure the device is connected properly to the power supply and that the cord is connected to the correct port on the device
    2. No sound: Check and reconnect the audio cable. Device might be on mute, increase the sound.
    3. Failed to connect to network: Reconnect the Ethernet cable, restart your Wi-Fi or move closer to your router.
    4. Remote control failure: Make sure you aim the remote to the front sensor, check if anything is blocking the signal between the remote and the box. Batteries might need to be replaced.
    5. No picture on screen: Make sure you reconnect and check the HDMI cable and that its selected to the correct TV input.
    6. Voice search on the remote is not working: Unpair and try parring the Bluetooth devices again.
    7. No audio: Go to settings > surround > surround sound and choose PCM.
    8. 4k or Ultra HD not working: Check all your HDMI ports. Plug it out and test all ports. Some ports on your TV might be an older spec.
    9. Remote not working: Note that batteries are not included, please check if you have inserted 2x AAA batteries. You can also check your battery levels in the settings if low you need to change your batteries.