How to Setup your ZTE MF286C LTE router

  • If you’ve just received your new ZTE LTE router and Sim card, but you need a little help getting it set up then this is the guide for you.

    This is a comprehensive guide and depending on your comfort level you might want to skip over some parts so we’ve broken it into the following sections.

    • Unboxing and Router Info
    • Plugging In and Connecting to your Router
    • Router Setup Wizard
    • Additional Settings
  • Unboxing and Router Info

    Follow these steps to familiarize yourself with your new router.

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    Unboxing your Router

    In the Box you will find:

    1. The MF286C LTE Router
    2. AC Power Adaptor
    3. Short Ethernet Cable
    4. LTE Sim card
    5. Quick Start Guide
  • Take a photo of the Info sticker with your cellphone before plugging in the router.

  • Plugging In and Connecting to your Router

    Follow these steps if you need assistance plugging in and connecting to your new router:

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    Plug in the Power

    Plug the Routers’ power supply cable into the wall socket.

    Plug the power supply into the small round power socket on the back of the Router.

    Switch the power on at the wall socket and then make sure that the power switch is flicked to the on position.

    Check the lights on the front panel to ensure the Router has power.

  • Connect to 5Ghz for faster speeds and 2.4Ghz if you’re further from the router.
  • Router Setup Wizard
    Follow these steps for help completing the setup Wizard on your new router.
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    Login using the Web Browser

    Open your web browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

    Type the following address in your address bar:

    When the login screen appears, sign in using the password admin.

  • Manual Wifi Setup
    Follow the steps in this section for more advanced Wifi settings:
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    Open Wifi Settings

    From the Router Home screen Click on the Green Wi-Fi Settings button.

  • Manually Configuring the LTE Network

    In most cases, your Router will come pre-configured with the correct LTE Access Point (APN settings). However, if you need to edit the APN settings on your ZTE MF286C Router, follow the steps below:

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    Open the Connection Settings Screen

    From the status screen click on the Settings button in the My Router Section