How to Redeem your NordVPN Product Code

  • Getting started – Activation key

    Before you can install NordVPN on your devices and start surfing securely and privately you will need the activation key, which we would have sent to you via SMS after your successful purchase.

  • How to Retrieve your activation key

    For any licensed software subscription, your activation key should always be sent to you via SMS after your purchase.
    You can also easily find your license key by opening the Mweb App on your phone, or logging in to your online MWEB Account and navigating to the My Products screen.

    Follow the guide here for step-by-step instructions.
  • Now that you have your activation key, click on and follow the steps below to create your NordVPN account and download the NordVPN software for the device you wish to use it on.

    NordVPN Activation Screen
  • Step 1 of 5

    Enter Activation Code and Email Address

    Fill in the activation code you received and the email address you wish to use for NordVPN sign-in.

    Please type the email address very carefully as it will immediately be linked to your activation code and a verification code will be sent to the address for the next step.

    If you make a mistake here you will need to contact the Nord customer support team for assistance.
  • Common Issues and how to resolve them

    Wrong Email Address
    Before you apply the activation code, please double-check the email address you provided. The activation code will be applied to the email address you specify immediately, even if it is incorrect. If you mistakenly enter an email address that is not tied to your Nord Account, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

    Ambiguous Symbols
    It is easy to confuse the letter “O” (capital “o”) for “0” (zero) and the letter “I” (capital “i”) for “l” (lowercase “L”). Try replacing these ambiguous symbols with their lookalikes if you’ve entered the rest of the code correctly. This issue only affects older NordVPN activation codes, because we have stopped using ambiguous symbols to avoid confusion.

    Code Already Activated
    Any given activation code can only be used once. If you’ve applied that activation code to extend your subscription at some point in the past, any further attempts will end in error. You can check the status of your subscription by logging in to your Nord Account. If you can’t remember your Nord Account credentials, use our handy password recovery tool.

    Activating Multiple Codes
    Each NordVPN activation code must be applied separately. If you have multiple activation codes, simply repeat the activation process for each one.
  • Useful NordVPN support links

    For Technical Support beyond the downloading and activation of the NordVPN subscription please make use of NordVPNs, website, blog and other technical resources.

    - Downloading the NordVPN App
    - Contact NordVPN for technical assistance