Managing User Profiles

Understanding User Profiles and Account Security

  • One of the great features we offer is that we allow you to have multiple users on your account, who can all be individually registered for One Time PIN. This means that you can securely give other people in your family, or your business access to do certain things on the account.

    In this guide we’ll try to answer of the common questions around how User Profiles work.

    We’ll also explain what each of the roles are that you can assign as well as what they allow – and don’t allow that user to do.

  • To get down to the business of adding users to your accounts and managing user profiles you can follow the step-by-step guides in this category.

  • Why do we need to have user profiles?

    As the world changes and Internet Security becomes the concern of every user, Mweb want our customers to know that we are committed to your security and the safety of your personal information.

    This means that we won’t let anyone access your account, or one of your products without your permission and we ensure this by requiring two-factor security to access your account on our self-service portal and when speaking with our service champions.

    The User Profiles feature allows you to give other users permission to speak to us and access your account and every user you create has their own two factor authentication, which you control, so it’s completely secure.
  • Why have different user roles?

    Some customers, particularly our business customers, may want to assign tasks to different people in the business, for example have the finance person view the invoices and the tech wizard can manage the Internet connection.

  • What are the roles and what are they for?

    Account Owner – the Account Owner is a special role which is created when the account is created. This role is ‘protected’ against changes by other users.

    Administrator – Assign this role if you want someone to be able to manage most of the products and services on the account and see billing information.

    Technical – Assign this role if you want someone to only have access to support or setup certain products on your account. The best part is you can choose which products so you can give the web developer access to your domain and hosting products and the Computer Technician the details for the fibre and the Microsoft Office and Antivirus.

    Invoice/Read Only – Assign this role if you want someone to only be able to see the accounts and download invoices and statements (this might be your bookkeeper, or your tax consultant).

  • Can other users buy products, or access my banking information?


    Only the account owner can make purchases, carry out financial transactions and make other decisions on the account, such as changing banking information or changing the account owner.

  • Can users change my profile, or the profiles of other users?

    No-one can edit the account owners profile. The Administrator has limited access to help manage the profiles of other users, but they cannot change their own role, or the role of other users and they cannot assign products to a technical user.

  • Can anyone create more users without my permission?

    Only the account owner can add and remove users.

  • What if one of my Users loses access to their OTP Number?

    The account owner, or an Administrator can assist users with changing their OTP numbers, as long as they are in communication and are able to validate the number with a PIN.

  • What if the Account Owner loses access to their OTP number?

    No other user can take ownership of the account, or recover the account. Please refer to the guide on OTP Registration for instructions on how the Account Owner can recover their access under these circumstances.