Managing User Profiles

How to manage user profiles on your Mweb Account

  • Whether you’re a small business with multiple users or a busy household, with one family member who pays the bill and another who handles the technical details, we know that our customers often need more than one person to be able to access their Mweb account.

    We’ve listened to that need, and you can now manage your contact details, password, one-time pin number and create and manage multiple users with different access roles for your account- all in one secure, easy to use space!

    As there is quite a lot of detail to this feature we have created a collection of guides in this section to show you how to complete each task and to help you understand what the different user roles that you can assign will be able to do.

    To learn how to access User Profile Management simply login to our self-service portal at and follow the easy guide below:

  • If you’re not sure how to log in you can follow the steps in this guide

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    Open the User Profiles Page

    Once you are logged in, select Admin -> User Profiles from the menu bar.