Billing Information

Mweb Billing Explained

  • No-one likes to be left guessing when it comes to how much they're going to pay and when.
    We hope this quick Q&A will answer all of your questions when it comes to Mweb's billing rules and processes.
  • Common Billing Questions

    • I just signed up for a new product When will I be billed?

    • New products are only billed for once they become active, billing should occur within 5 days of product activation.
    • When do I get charged for hardware, or installation fees?

    • If your new product includes a hardware purchase, or installation charges you will be billed for these immediately on sign up.
    • When will monthly payments come off my account?

    • After the initial activation subsequent payments are collected on the last working day of each month.
    • When will my Mweb subscription be paid?

    • Mweb billing occurs in advance, at the beginning of thecalendar month
    • Why did I get charged a Pro-rata amount?

    • If you sign up for a new product before the end of the calendar month, but after the 26th, you will need to pay a partial subscription for the remainder of that month. This is called a pro-rata (or proportional) amount. In that month you will pay both the pro-rata amount and your full subscription for the following month.