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How to register your mobile number for One Time PIN (OTP)

  • Being able to access your Online account and make use of the comprehensive self-service options available on our portal is an essential part of the Mweb experience.
    Great self-service options need great security, which is why registering your mobile number for One Time PIN (OTP) authentication and keeping your number up to date with Mweb is absolutely critical.
    With this in mind we’ve put together a quick FAQ on how to manage your OTP number and keep it up-to-date.
  • If you don’t know your details to sign in to your online account you can follow this guide to retrieve your master account password. (The forgot password process will also fail and notify you if you are not registered for OTP)

  • OTP Registration Frequently asked Questions

    • How is my number registered for OTP?

    • All new Mweb customers are automatically registered for OTP using the primary mobile number they provide during sign-up. This means that it is vital for you make sure that the number you provide is correct and can receive OTP SMSes.
    • How can I check if I’m registered for OTP?

    • There are still a few customers out there, who joined before registration was automatic. The easiest way to check if your number is registered for OTP is to try and sign in to your online account.
    • What to do If you’re not registered for OTP?

    • Download the form using the link down below and carefully follow the instructions for registering a new number. Please submit only one request per account and include all of the required supporting documentation on the first submission to avoid causing delays in the process. As we are very serious about your security all requests and supporting documentation are carefully vetted by a member of our customer security team and generally take between 24-48 hours to be completed.
    • How can I change my registered OTP number?

    • If you still have access to the old number follow the instructions in this guide to managing online user profiles. If you have lost access to your old number, you will need to follow the same process as a user who is not registered, by submitting the registration form along with any required supporting documents.
    • Can I have multiple users OTP registered on my account?

    • For more advanced options like adding and deleting additional users and allowing them to use self-service options, which are particularly useful for business customers, we suggest that you read the related article on managing online user profiles.
  • Download the OTP Registration form here.