Online Identity Protection

Protect your Personal Information from the Risks of CyberCrime

  • In today’s online world, protecting your devices against online security risk is important, but what is equally important is protecting your personal information against the risks of cybercrime, fraud and identity theft, which can wreak havoc on your life. To offer you the best available protection, we’ve combined 3 best in - market products into 1 purchase, giving you the tools to identify, protect and educate yourself against online risks.

    This product comprises 3 different products:

    1. Online Risk monitoring (Digimune)
    2. Online fraud warranty (Cybercare4U)
    3. Online security training (MyCyber Training)
  • Here is an overview of each product and how they protect your personal information against online risk:

    1: Online Risk monitoring (Digimune)

    Digimune, a cloud based platform, safeguards your personal information against data leakages, breaches and the illegal selling of your personal details online including on dark web sites, forums and chatrooms. Vulnerabilities are identified early and alerts are created for users highlighting potential risks. Once a risk has been identified, you will be emailed and the risk will be identified on your Digimune Dashboard. Appropriate actions to take, will also be identified.

    The following personal information can be monitored by Digimune, as long as you complete all of the details at registration:

    Email addresses

    Identity number

    Passport number

    Credit Card Information

    Phone number

    Bank Account number

    Date of birth

    Physical Address

    Medical aid ID number

    Once you have completed the online registration and set up, your online footprint is assessed to provide a personal online security assessment which highlights vulnerabilities and provides training on how to address these. Global analytics will continually scan the Internet and provide alerts, with a status of the risk , to your live dashboard showing you where, how and what of your personal data has been compromised. EG: Where your email address has been used in a credit card theft incident.

  • To ensure you protect each person in the households personal information, each person will need their own product and to complete their individual registration with their personal details. Protection cannot be shared by a family.
  • 2: Online Fraud warranty (Cybercare4U)

    The Cybercare4U warranty works together with the Online Risk monitoring (Digimune), providing a warranty that if customers are subject to online fraud, that financial protection is available for any losses suffered should Digimune fail to protect customers by altering them to a risk. 2 different warranty value amounts are available to select depending on your personal circumstances.

    The following types of risks are covered:

    • Phishing Scams
    • Virus Attacks
    • Dumpster Diving
    • Fraudulent In-App Purchases
    • Fraudulent EFT’s
  • The warranty is only valid for the details of the registered Digimune user and no other users. EG: You cannot register your personal details and then try make a claim against the warranty for another family member, whose details are not registered.
  • For the warranty to be valid, it is essential that customers have Digimune up to date, all details correctly filled in and that payment has been received by Mweb on a monthly basis
    The Cybercare4U warranty is subject to strict T&Cs that customers must ensure that they are familiar with to avoid any claims being rejected
  • 3: Online security training (MyCyber Training)

    With so many risks it is important to have a trusted, safe and secure place to understand the risks and protect yourself against them. MyCyber Training gives you access to an online training portal that provides education about the different types of risk via video tutorials, interactive learning games, simulations and quizzes.

    Learn more about the most common types of online risks including:

    • Common Scams
    • Kids Online Safety
    • Smart Devices Gaming
    • Securing Social Media Privacy
    • Securing Mobile Devices
    • Passwords

    For more information or to sign up for Mweb’s Online Identity Protection visit the Mweb website and select the Internet Security drop down menu

    • How to get started?

    • After you have completed the checkout and payment details step , a unique registration code will be sent a via SMS to the cell phone number that you used to sign up and you will be sent an email that includes a link to a step by step instruction guide. After receiving this code you will need to start the registration process by going to Cybercare resignation page. Not received the registration SMS? Check that you don’t have any SMS blockers installed as you should receive it within 15 minutes after completing the checkout process.
    • How to set up your Online identity protection product

    • It takes 5 easy steps to set up your Online Identity protection product, including Digimune, Cybercare4U and My CyberTraining set up 1. Check that you received your unique registration code sent via SMS from Mweb and you will receive an email with a link to step by step set up instructions 2. Register on the Cybercare website and set up your Cybercare4U online fraud warranty 3. Check that you receive your Cybercare4U (Online fraud warranty) policy number 4. Set up you Digimune (online risk monitoring) dashboard and add your details you want to monitor 5. Register to join the MyCyber Training (online security training) portal and start your training
    • What personal information can be monitored by Online Risk Monitoring (Digimune)?

    • The following personal information can be monitored depending on what details your register - Email addresses - Identity number - Passport number - Credit Card Information - Phone number - Bank Account number - Date of birth - Physical Address - Medical aid ID number